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Employee Terminations: Minimizing Your Risks

Lia Chiarotto
Heenan Blaikie
Jonathan L. Dye
Heenan Blaikie
Mathias Link
Heenan Blaikie
Thursday, April 26, 2012
7:45 A.M - 10 A.M.
Seminar Summary

A poorly handled termination can expose employers to significant liability. In this program, we will outline best practices and provide practical advice on how to deal with some of the thornier issues that can arise when terminating the employment relationship. We will cover the following in this program:

  • How to dimiss for just cause
  • Statutory requirements for lawful terminations
  • Structuring the severance package
  • Dealing with bonuses, commissions, pensions and other employment-related benefits
  • Terminating employees on leave (e.g., parental, WSIB, disability leave, etc.)
  • Releases that work
  • Dealing with requests for references
  • Avoiding aggravated and punitive damage claims for bad faith
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